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I. Audley McIntosh

Ian-Audley McIntosh was born April 3, 1978; at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. An alumnus of Architecture, it is the core disciplines of this field to which he accredits as the foundation of his creative design process. His education and life experiences inspire his passion and literary artistry which employs elements, themes, and storytelling that enable him to resonate with the everyday to avant-garde reader. By spanning the fundamentals of the human condition, he redefines fictional conventions with each novel he constructs.


I. Audley McIntosh is the founder of the Canadian registered charity APULU. This innovative charitable organization provides tuition to post-secondary art students and art therapy to institutionalized patients.


I. Audley McIntosh is married and the father of 4 children.

Things are far and away different from the memories of Elizabeth Fini. Gone are the once familiar pieces of her childhood, and she longs for the forgotten conveniences that existed in the absence of the gods. At age 13, she finds herself quietly sown to survival on a tiny corner of New York City’s Coney Island. Nowadays, the once hollow spaces of her heart are filled with questions of identity, salvation, and damnation. Because to her humanities makeup seems to be a greasepaint known simply as blind faith. One night from across the ocean a plane, her shooting star brings her a gift -  a third eye.


Can Liz possibly stitch peace between her opposing roles of destroyer and saviour?


The future can be a suffocating thing and for a girl wishing for an ordinary life; the beauty of the death of all things can offer a chance to breathe once more. For Lizzy, the soul’s endless denial of love and freedom is a polite reminder that in her struggle to exist there is only one rule - survive.


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